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🎉 Mailman's New Chapter

After four years, a new chapter has begun for Mailman.
🎉 Mailman's New Chapter

Today, I have news to share!

But first...

Mailman is almost a four-year-old company, and if you have been around for any duration on this journey, I am very grateful to you for your support.

Back to the news...

Today is a new chapter for Mailman and let me share what it means for you – our users, our customers, our supporters!

Tiny beginnings

Mailman started with this tweet from Andrew Wilkinson, co-founder of Tiny.

I had been using a little script to achieve precisely this for myself.

When I saw the tweet, I emailed the demo to him.

A few more emails later – 

🥁 BOOM! 🥁

Mailman was born.

Tiny was the perfect cradle for a business like Mailman. A small utility that could run almost autonomously with a lean team (just me!). 

Mailman was just me.

Also, my role within the Tiny family grew – I co-founded Tiny India and Tiny Studio with Andrew, which I absolutely enjoyed.

Then, a few months ago, I realised what it is that I love the most.

And that is – making useful things.

❌ Not investing in them.

❌ Not buying them.

❌ Not advising other people on how to make things.

✅ But… making.

✅ To get down in the trenches and get my hands dirty.

✅ To keep my feet constantly in the dirt, regardless of whether my head is in the clouds.

Making. Making. Making.

To turn a sliver of an idea into something tangible and useful.

The next chapter

After talking to Andrew and Tiny in December 2023, I have moved on from my responsibilities at Tiny India and Tiny Studio.

The move included shutting down many projects and handing others over to someone else at Tiny.

Among all those projects, one was Mailman.

I couldn’t fathom shutting it down.

Mailman has a piece of my soul in it.

Countless early mornings and late nights had gone over the last four years.

And while it is a small business in Tiny's family of massive businesses, it still is a very useful product.

Thousands of users depend on it to keep their inboxes under control.

When I talked to Andrew, he didn’t want to shut it down either. He liked the product and used it himself.

I asked him what if I keep Mailman and ensure it stays alive and grows?

Unbelievable to me, Andrew gifted it to me.

Yes, just gave it to me.

Just like that.

And that marks the next chapter of Mailman and my life.

What does it mean for you?

It means the product you love and use daily will get 10000x more love and attention.

The only change for you is the name of the legal entity you’ll see on your invoices from next month onwards.


There’s one lil thing that needs urgent action on your part.

As Mailman is changing hands, the new legal home for Mailman is in the US, while the previous home was in Canada.

Thus, the billing is moved to a US-based Stripe account. However, the cards you saved within your Mailman accounts cannot be moved across countries.

So, you'll need to add your card details to your Mailman account again, if you don't mind.

I know it sucks! I am sorry. 🙁

You will NOT be charged right now at all. Your billing cycle will remain as is.

Please do so by January 30, 2024 to avoid any interruption to your Mailman account. That's when we will be shutting down our previous Stripe account.

I will make sure to send a bunch of email reminders for you to do so over the next couple of weeks.


Once done with this Stripe migration, I will send another email with the updated roadmap for Mailman – the product – in the first week of February 2024.

There are many things our users have requested in the last few years that I never got to building them.

Now, I will check them off the list – one by one.

I am jumping with joy as I type this news.

I am even more excited by the things I'll get to build in Mailman.

If you have a feature request or any feedback, hit reply and send it to me.

You will hear a lot more from me this year as I return to the groove of making Mailman better.