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Founder library: Your go-to resource for everything to build your business

Founder library: Your go-to resource for everything to build your business

I’ve led various teams and run many startups. Throughout those experiences and my current stint (operating Mailman & Tiny India), I’ve realized building a startup is hard. It’s like you’re thrown into an unknown city without any map. You’ve to figure out the directions as you move forward. One wrong direction can unwind the entire cumulative hard work of first-time founders.

No wonder why 9 out of 10 startups fail.

What if you had the best resources from previous founders to figure out the directions? A treasure trove of the best practices that would guide you at every step to help you avoid the common failures trap and increase your success probability? Founder library solves this.

In this post, I’ll tell you what it is, its benefits, and how to use it.

What is the Founder library?

“Founder Library is a learning portal packed with a treasure trove of tactical, practical, and credible resources to help founders launch, scale, and lead with more confidence and effectiveness.” You’ll find learning resources (articles, videos, templates) for every category: Hiring, Marketing, Engineering, Finance, Product, Management, Investor relations, Legal, HR, Strategy, Remote work, and more.

“The library contains tactical, practical, and credible resources from the world's top founders, operators, and VCs”—so you learn only from people who have actually launched and grew a startup from scratch. The goal is to arm “every founder, regardless of background, with the right tools to help them bring their boldest vision to life and become an extraordinary leader.”

Benefits of using the Founder library:

Benefits of using the founder library

a) Organized collection of resources in one place.

b) Access to the best advice at every step (hiring/managing, product, etc.).

c) You don’t have to worry whether you can trust what you’re reading because the resources are 100% credible as they are from previous successful founders.

d) Save hours of research time and hard work when you want to find the right advice.

How to use the Founder library:

Step 1: Visit The Founder library

Step 2: You’ll see resources for every category.

Select the one that you want to learn about/improve. For example, say you want to improve your hiring. Click on Hiring.

Step 3: First, you’ll see the best-curated picks on hiring. Click on any one of them to read further.

Step 4: If you don’t find what you’re looking for from the top picks, scroll below.

You can now filter according to your needs and find the right resource. For example, if you want tips on interviewing, click on it.

Step 5: You can also find ready-made templates that will help you in hiring: how to send an interview email, how to write a job offer, how to welcome a new hire, and more. Just click on Templates.

Click on any of them to find a template. For example, if you want an initial interview email template, click on it. You can tweak the template to suit your company’s brand.

Likewise, follow the same approach for other categories: Marketing, People, Finance, and more.

The Founder library has a bookshelf section where you can find books in any category (Hiring, Marketing, People, Founders, and more).

Here’s how:

Step 1: On the Founder library homepage, click on Bookshelf.

Step 2: Click on any category you want to read books on. For example, if you wish to read books on marketing, click on it.

Scroll below to find books on marketing. Click on any of the books to buy them.

The right learning resource at your fingertips

The right learning resource at your fingertips
The right learning resource at your fingertips

It’s gruesome to browse through hundreds of search results to find a credible learning resource while building your startup. Not anymore. Learn anything you want to on any topic whenever you want. But, never substitute doing by just reading. Ensure that you apply the learnings.