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How to prepare for a remote meeting?

How to prepare for a remote meeting?

Whether a remote meeting is meaningless or productive depends on your preparation. You should know what to expect, what you’ll talk about, and how you’ll present yourself. Here are the five tips to get you started:

1. Know the meeting agenda

Know the meeting agenda

Without knowing what the meeting is about and the discussion points, you can’t prepare. So, your first job is to get the following answers?

a) What is the meeting about, and what is its goal?

b) When is the meeting?

c) What are the 4-5 main things you will discuss?

d) What is your role in the meeting, and what you’ll have to share?

2. Outline your talking points

Now that you know the meeting agenda, prepare thoroughly. Research your ideas (what you’ll talk about) and have a general idea of how you’ll communicate them. Ensure you back your arguments with data and research.

Naturally, your colleagues will ask multiple questions and provide counterarguments throughout your conversation. If you come prepared, you can speak with authority and back your claims with examples.

3. Check your meeting tool and internet connection

Imagine you’re engaged in an intense conversation, and suddenly the video streaming goes off due to software or internet issues. Now, your call is already ruined, and on top of that, you may feel anxious throughout.

So, before the meeting, ensure your meeting software, microphone, and internet is working without any issues. Also, go through all the features of the video tool—so you know how to share files, window screen, host polls, and do other collaborative activities.

4. Choose a noiseless and a well-lit environment

Choose a noiseless and a well-lit environment

Attend a meeting from a place that doesn’t have any distractions (ensure it’s tidy) and is well-lit—so your colleagues can see your face clearly. Also, ask your family members to vacate that area and not to roam throughout your meeting.

Pro Tip: Use Krisp to remove unwanted background noise

5. Follow the basic meeting etiquette

Make sure you follow these unwritten meeting guidelines:

a) Turn your cameras on

b) Pay 100% attention. Avoid multitasking.

c) Don’t interrupt anyone. Ask your doubts when the person finishes his talking.

Follow these tips to have a successful meeting. Let us know (tweet) how you prepare for a remote meeting.